Having exhibited a natural vocation early on in a life as an adept draughtsman and showing a keen visual sensibility for the pictorial and photography, Juan Cossío went on to study Fine Art at the Complutense University of Madrid. Actively involved in the explosive Spanish art scene of the Eighties, Cossío's tireless research and experimentation into pushing the boundaries of pictorial techniques led him to what is now more commonly known as 'New Realism'. Relying on photography as his main means of support and using the timeless airbrush as his preferred tool, Cossío's work continues to evolve through an openness to approach and his continual curiosity in employing whatever new techniques are at hand in order to achieve his unique contemporary aesthetic which look to the female figure as its main subject.

The development of my work continues using this new graphic technology to transfer my compositions on new media. Thanks to my collaboration with Clorofila Digital the whole of my work is available in a wide range of technique possibilities such as Led-Light Boxes, VITRA system,CANSON PhotoRag cotton paper, printing in high-resolution with UVI lightfastness pigments. Maximum quality and durability.


Each of the prints shown below are available in a limited edition.

Juan Cossio Print, in a limited edition have a set number of prints available for each size offered. Once all 50 of the prints in this edition size have sold out, there will be no other prints.


• Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
• Numbered and Signed by Juan Cossio
• Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310 G
• Not included framed

• Certificate Quality Canson

The Art Canson prints conforms to the most stringent standards for art reproduction and is guaranteed to be colour-fast for life thanks to the use of special inks and a UV-resistent coating. Each image is printed on Canson 310 gramms paper with mineral pigment inks in an edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed and comes with an embossed seal and a certificate that guarantees quality and authenticity.

All limited edition prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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