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The new big project Showcase combines its luxury showcase role with an active networks presence. Thanks to regular contributions and a steadily growing community on social media channels, The Guide Artists and now Showcase is further able to grow the reputations of the artists it publishes.

Premiere of Showcase

The window to arts

Showcase by The Guide Artists is the best platform for modern and contemporary art with works by international artists. A unique showcase for your customers, friends, followers ... Discover the incredible creativity in painting, sculpture, illustration, drawing, photography and much more.

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Latest Showcase

Art of all genres, styles and media. Including figurative paintings, landscapes, and sculpture, art video and much more.

SHOWCASE in Action

Discover the incredible creativity in painting, sculpture, illustration, drawing, photography and much more.

Original Showcase

Professional Artists

All the artists listed on the SHOWCASE have been carefully selected
(via our official invitation only) for their Commitment, Creativity and Craftsmanship.


Original Showcase

Emerging Artists

Every year thousands of young artists in the early stages of their career help shape the dynamic and constantly changing landscape of contemporary art.  A place for artworks created by young artists whose careers are on the rise.


New era for your Art

Art experience now in 4K

Best Ultra High Definition in yours promotional videos. Your most incredible art than you've ever seen.

Denisa Prochazka . Collection

Many of my clay sculptures depict female subjects and feminine forms from my own creative visions, to empower and inspire the feminine balance in this world. I became increasingly aware of my feminine perspective and reflection of the life around me.

Explore with more choice and creativity

Art of all genres, styles and media.
including impressionist landscapes, figurative paintings and sculpture, art jewelry and much more. Write us!

A Treasure Trove of Contemporary

The Guide Artists magazine is a brand dedicated to showcasing the best in international contemporary art. First published in 2017, the magazine has already presented some of the most recognizable names in realism, allowing their work to become accessible to a wide audience. 

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